Industrial Wedding Ideas

One of the most popular styles of weddings right now is the industrial wedding theme. From getting married in a warehouse to decorating your wedding with mixed metals, the industrial wedding style is a favorite of brides because of its versatility and its minimalist chic feeling. If you have ever wondered how you can pull this look off, we thought we would help with this super easy cheat sheet for one perfect looking industrial wedding.


Flowers – It is the norm to see bouquets of different coloured flower petals in the entrance, on the tables of the venue and thrown around after the ceremony. Yes, they look beautiful but there is an option to purchase pot-plants of trees and flowers to place around the room. This provides the idea of growth rather than death because the plants are still planted rather than being taken out of their soil for visual satisfaction.


Creativity with colours – It is not often that bright colours are used, usually earthy, pale, lighter shades of colour. Art installations can be added to the room to fill up space, pieces of recyclable material e.g wood/metal can be hung above the ceremony or can be placed by the walls to add to the industrial feel.

Décor – The beauty about having a huge, plain space to play with is that you can create the dream space to get married. You can choose if you want soft, gentle lighting or bright lights to highlight all the textures and detail of the venue. You can hang things up on the wall and you can play around with different carpets and platforms to put on the floor. The options are endless.






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Written By – Owami Twala
Dilon Kin Photography